raizel_photo Raizel Weiss Heitzer, MA, NCC, LPC
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Providing you with:

A place of safety

Permission to explore

Room to grow

Are you ready to embrace life?     To claim your full potential as an individual, a couple, or a family?

Not just get by, but to FLOURISH?  Life has a way of getting the better of us and over time chipping away at our deepest dreams and best intentions.   Life can be hard.    Transitions, expectations, responsibilities, compromise, trauma, loss, illness, unhealthy family patterns… all contribute to losing precious bits of ourselves along the way.  It’s no wonder we sometimes feel lost or trapped with no idea how to reach out or turn things around for ourselves or our loved ones.

Therapy really can help!    (Please see ARTICLES for more)

You CAN turn things around and transform your life and relationships!  This work is of the deepest nature. It helps you reclaim all the parts that have been given away so that you can become whole.  You will learn how to honor yourself and live with authenticity, integrity and intention.   Awareness begets mindfulness. Life  becomes more spacious and you will see choice where you felt trapped before. Coming from this place of empowerment allows all aspects of your life to not only align and come into balance, but to blossom.  It affects you in a truly holistic way.  As you become more whole and integrated so does the life surrounding you.  Things become clear that have once crippled you.  As you release self judgment you are able to forgive yourself and others and move forward towards sustained transformational growth.  The affects are profound and healing takes place on many levels influencing your physical, emotional, and spiritual well being.

An Integral Approach:

My practice embraces people of all ages, in all stages of life.  I have a rich and diverse background which gives me a unique perspective and the  gift of being able to relate to many different people on a very deep level.   I am  accessible and down to earth.   Our work together is  creative, yet highly practical.

“We cannot keep the different parts of ourselves separate from one another and remain whole.”

Working with your whole being, I take into account how the different aspects of your life intersect to create harmony or imbalance.  This includes how you connect with yourself as well as the world around you.  Physical as well as emotional symptoms are explored leading to a greater mind-body awareness.

Some of what you may experience includes:

  • Profound personal growth and discovery
  • A deep reconnection to yourself and your body
  • More authentic relationships
  • Discovering  internal  resources you didn’t know you possess
  • Finding positive and creative solutions
  • A sense of rejuvenation and renewed purpose
  • Healing on many planes ~emotional~physical~spiritual~
  • A mindful presence and a greater sense of appreciation
  • Increased clarity and strength of integrity
  • Heartfelt peace, more joy, balance
  • New and loving ways to relate as a couple and family

“I am a survivor of having been caught up in a life that wasn’t the one I wanted.  By living with intention I discovered how to make my life the one I love.  My passion is to share that with others.”







Practical Concerns:

I see clients in person or over the phone.

Flexible hours Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Rates $125 for a fifty minute session.